January 20, 2014

Curvy News: Amber Riley Launches RileyLand Fashions

"We also want to make it easy for the curvy ladies to find nice clothes because it's hard sometimes. We are curvy so we understand!" 
-Amber and Ashley  

Today Amber Riley and her sister Ashley have launched their collection of clothing!. Amber and her sister Ashley wanted to open up an "online boutique for the curvy" and that is just what they did, the pieces in the collection are definitely trendy and look phenomenal. The clothing in the collection are brand news pieces as well as pieces that have been lightly worn.  I love it when a celebrity can come out and say I'm curvy, plus size, full figured, or what have you, and yes, it is hard for me to find clothes so I want to help. Head over to RileyLand Fashions and check out their merchandise! 


  1. Those dresses are ADORABLE!


  2. Coming over from our tribe!
    Great blog!


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