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My Security Blanket (Or What Used To Be) 

Everyone has had/have a "security blanket', something we use to hide something about us. As a plus size teen and sometimes the only plus size teen around, I had one.  Something that everyone used as a way to keep warm, I used as a means to hide...me. A damn coat! Yes, my security blanket was my coat. I knew I was plus size, I had went from a size 10/12 to a 14/16 and my stomach was the main issue. Looking back now, my stomach was not even big or anything. However, as a teen, you become self conscious about yourself so anything and everything on you becomes an issue. 

  I didn't realized anyone noticed until one day at a restaurant with my family, my mom asked me if I was using my coat as a security blanket. Which I did! We would go out to eat or do any kind of activity and I always kept my coat on. I did not like the way I looked (who does as a teen though?) so I kept my coat on, even in the Summer I had on a sweater, jacket, something. 

Now almost 27 years old, I look back and say "Mikhaela, you cannot be serious", because that was pretty ridiculous. Now, you will not see me wearing a big ass coat in a restaurant, nor will you see me wearing a cardi, jacket, or what have you, just to cover me up. Instead, I'll be wearing it because it looks nice. 

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