Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Are You With The Fatkini Movement?

The two piece high waist swimsuits for plus size women have been a big hit this year! Showing that plus size women can wear two piece swimsuits as well and son't have to be covered up. The swimsuits I have seen have all been tasteful and very appropriate for a plus size woman. GabiFresh launched her fatkini swimsuits on and they were GORGEOUS! Some are getting upset over the use of the word fatkini because of the word fat, but I think people are being too literal, especially when all the swimsuits I've seen have been well made.  Monif C also makes the best swimsuits for plus size women that are very popular. Forever21 is another and their's have been extremely popular among my peers, everyone I know was shocked that Forever21 was on board with the high waist swimsuit since most of their's were one piece. Are you with the Fatkini movement?


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